awards and recognition

We don’t like to bring attention to ourselves – we consider ourselves part of YOUR team. You see, we typically don’t enter competitions – we don’t measure the success of our work by the number of awards we obtain – instead we measure success by how well our work helps our clients achieve THEIR goals. For us, this is what we consider the best of our awards and recognition.

The following list is a smattering of awards for annual reports, brochures and websites that our clients have been so pleased with that THEY entered the work in competitions, themselves, and guess what? We all won!

Crescent Ski Council
Award: Best website

Best of the Lake Design Competition
Award: Best website
Client: Princeton Builders

Marble Institute of America
The Rocky Advertising Award for brochures

Award: Best in show
client: Johnson Granite

International ARC Awards for Annual Reports
Awards: Gold, Silver, Honors
client: R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

Gold Ink award
Award: Pewter
client: R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

American Graphic Design Awards (Graphic Design USA)
Award: Excellence in communication & graphic design
client: R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

American Society of Professional Communicators (ASPC)