but…it’s just a logo

Why logos cost so much is a common question we get from startups. Some can’t understand why these seemingly uncomplicated symbols cost so much. There’s nothing to logos … right? You can design a logo in an hour…right? Deceptively simple – Logos are more than just random colors, shapes, or fonts.

How these elements  of color, shape and fonts fit together are the key to creating great logos. They subtlety influence how customers feel about your company. Your company’s brand identity depends on a great logo. They can make a positive impact on how your company is represented and they can make a huge impact on your sales as well.

We challenge you to ask yourself, “how do you want to be perceived by your customers and peers and what message do you want to send about your company”?

A great logo burnishes your image and makes your company shine. It immediately messages your customers and peers who you are and what you are about. A carefully crafted logo is a source of pride not only for your company, but for your employees as well.

Below are samples of some of the logos we have created.