personally speaking

Q. How did you get your start?

R. I have been fortunate enough to work in some really great marketing and graphic design firms as well as a Fortune 500 Company. Each of these experiences has allowed me the opportunity to gain some unique and invaluable experiences from all of them. Working for a Fortune 500 Company as one of the designers responsible for the concept and design for their corporate annual reports was especially rewarding. Our team won awards at the International Annual Report Conference (ARC awards) in New York several years in a row. I transitioned into Web design and worked with the IT Department to design and help develop the websites for the main Holding Company as well as the primary Company sites. I’ve been especially focused on the useability aspects of web design and have developed the skills to take a clients ideas and concepts and take them live to the web to develop a unique and powerful message.
G. The experience gained from working for small creative design firms to large innovative corporations has given me a well-rounded perspective of just what it takes to establish a presence in today’s marketplace. Over the years I have had the opportunity of developing some exciting brands and collateral materials for the Sports, Entertainment, Manufacturing Industries. Working on projects for a sanctioning body like NASCAR was always fun and the design challenges require a different type of energy – energy that comes in handy when we’re immersed in corporate communications that could use a “good pit stop and four fresh tires.”

Q. How do you approach a project?

G. I tend to get into the nuts and bolts and study the details of companies we work with. I like to explore multiple options and multiple ideas in a slow, deliberate manner. I love to research the possibilities to come up with unique ideas that fit our clients.
R. I take a more “top of the mind” approach. I generally work faster and like to generate a lot of ideas in a short amount of time. I later revisit these ideas and see which ones merit further development.

Q. What special skills do you bring to OLA?

R. I am more technically-oriented and love puzzles. I thrive on efficiency – I’m always thinking about new ways in which to make OLA more productive and more importantly – more rewarding for everyone.
G. I strive to make things better for our clients. I always question whether something can be improved and I am not satisfied until I feel we have come up with a great solution for our clients. I tend to be very detailed and quality-minded with our work and expect that from our vendors as well. I think our clients are very appreciative and I feel that attention to detail is what’s often missed from the work being done today.

Q. Ok, so what do you do in your spare time?

R. I love to ski (snow ski that is) and I get the greatest thrills from floating through glades on a powder day. Need information on Stowe, Vermont? Give me a call. I love to travel to Europe, garden and I’m a pretty decent cook. Just don’t expect me to follow a recipe. Did I mention wine?
G. If I’m not building or renovating a house there is something wrong. I love the challenge of making everything come together to create that perfect space. It’s not what I do to relax, it’s what I do for excitement. To relax, I get away from the house. I’m either playing on the water or playing in the dirt. I’m not that into fast paced water sports but I’m happy to drive the boat. On land, I dig in the dirt and hope that something will grow. I also play golf – that perfect shot keeps me going back for more. All in all, give me a warm day on the lake or a cool day in the dirt and I’m a happy girl.

Q. Do you have any kids?

G. Two cats
R. One dog

Q. What’s the bottom line?

R. We bring over 35 years of hands-on experience in print and web design communications.
G. Add to that our roster of designers, programmers, copywriters and photographers and we’re a creative force that can solve just about any design challenge that comes our way.