our process: explore, estimate, research, conceptualize, execute

Your company requires an approach that is customized specifically to you – no two projects are alike. Some projects require significant time in all phases as well as different approaches to reach your audience. Together, we will explore the process that suits you best depending on your budget and your needs.


Each project begins with an initial discussion that is designed to determine your specific needs and scope of work. Based on that conversation, we’ll present you with an estimate that includes overall project specifications, terms, and pricing so you’ll know what’s included and what you’ll be charged. We know you don’t like surprises and we do our best to keep the final bill as close to the estimated price as possible. If we need to amend the scope or the figures, we’ll discuss the options as they arise.

research phase

Once the estimate is approved and a plan is in place, the research phase uncovers the necessary information and perceptions about your company that will help us refine your brand and share your unique message. We ask lots of questions, listen and learn as much as possible about what you as well as what your competition is doing.

conceptual phase

Once a direction is established, the conceptual phase begins with creative exploration based on the feedback we gathered from the research phase. We generally present several initial designs, followed by an included round of revisions based on your comments. Revisions are then completed and approved, and the final artwork is ready for execution.

execution phase

If your project requires printing, we can either prepare final artwork for the printer of your choosing, or we can manage the entire project for you. This can include everything from gathering estimates to proof review/press checks and coordination of final delivery. For web-based projects, we can take care of registering your domain as well as webhosting and maintenance. We also provide social media and e-news services as well. Our WordPress sites come with links to online video training as well as more customized training depending on your sites features.


Followup is the most important phase in the process for us. We want to know that you are happy and are interested in making sure we have done everything in our power in ensure successful outcomes in the present as well as additional needs you may have in the future.