What’s an Ola?

A greeting in Spanish?
(No, that’s “hola.” However, we ARE glad to see you.)
A moisturizing cream?
(No, that’s Olay. As in, “Oil of.” But your wrinkles are barely noticeable.)
The largest palm leaf in the world? Whose tree grows 80 feet tall?
(Bingo. You’re smart!)
OLA is a palm leaf that was inscribed and used as a communication vehicle long before papyrus. OLAs were used for centuries in business, commerce, art and record keeping and are passed down from one generation to the next, just like books and family heirlooms.
To us, it symbolizes Smart and Resourceful communication which is what we strive for in today’s saturated and complicated market.
Okay, maybe OLA is not the most obvious metaphor we could have chosen. But it’ll grow on you.
Learn more about the Ola palm. It’s interesting. Really!