Branding, Package Design for all vial, carton and bag labels; Website Design, Implementation and Maintenance; Tradeshow Design, Sales Sheets and Magazine Ads for their pharmaceutical products.

EXELA Pharma Sciences

Exela® Pharma Sciences is a growing specialty pharmaceutical company. They develop, manufacture and market generic and proprietary sterile injectable products. With several new pharmaceutical products going through FDA approvals at all times, their needs are everchanging.

Exela website focuses on the 3 major components of their mission statement: Quality, Affordability and Reliability

Branding and Presskit Materials

Custom marketing pieces such as multi-page pocketfolders and brochures were developed from the initial branding. Product labeling and packaging of new products is built around the arrow in the logo. A color palette was set up to differentiate the products which is vital for end use in hospitals.

Product Sheets and Packaging

Color Coded Packaging is followed through to the product sales materials. Packaging takes several months to get approved with the FDA and must meet stringent guidelines.