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who is OLA design works?

OLA Design Works was established in 2004 as a collaboration of two long-time colleagues, Robyn Bilfelt and Geni O’Toole. We’re a Winston-Salem, woman-owned, graphic design agency with deep experience in creating engaging print, web and digital communications. We are a good fit for companies that need a team to provide ongoing graphic and digital design support.

As a design group, our approach to business is to keep it simple. Behind our professional persona is an easy-to-work-with attitude that’s focused on shared communication and insights. We’ve learned that is the best way to get to the heart of your business, your brand and your audience. We want you to feel comfortable and confident that your project is getting the attention it deserves and fully reflects your company brand.

We work with corporations as well as small companies and make it our goal to create marketing materials that represent, position and connect your company with your audience.

Perfect Partners

Both partners are graphic designers with Geni O’Toole concentrating mainly on print and social media and Robyn Bilfelt focusing on websites and digital design.

Geni O’Toole & Robyn Bilfelt


Our experience works for you. Our more personal way of doing business makes us efficient, flexible and highly effective. We evaluate your needs and the goals you wish to achieve. We create the materials that will engage and attract your customers, inform and motivate your employees, and make connections that build relationships between your brand and your audience. 

our Work

Graphic Design is just a part of what we do. For large and mid-level companies, we have the experience to keep your brand going in all sorts of situations. We work collaboratively with our clients and bring energy (and a lot of fun) to the projects in which we are engaged.

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